Oil Diffusers - 8 Scents

Size: Sunnyside


Night Cap Diffuser

Mulberry + Bay + Tobacco 

Just like a delicious beverage before bed, the black milk jar will set the mood for those late nights. Scented with mulberry, bay + tobacco, night cap is a juicy cologne with green notes of bay to round out the scent.


Hygge Diffuser

Vanilla + Tobacco + Cedar Wood

Hygge - (hoo gah) is the Danish term for “a quality of cosiness and comfort. A feeling of warmth, connection and togetherness.”


Sunnyside Diffuser 

Juicy Pear + White Nectarine

The luscious fruitiness of sweet nectarine, juicy pear, pineapple and orange slices, blended with floral accents of jasmine and rose. Green tones and citrus oil add a juicy accent with base notes of soothing musk.


Hawaii Diffuser

Plumeria + Lilac Flower

The sweet tropical scent of the Hawaiian plumeria flower is blended with lilacs to create a bright & balanced Milk Jar. We chose lilacs to compliment plumeria as they remind us of the beginning of Summer in Calgary when the warm prairie air heats the blooming lilac trees, filling the outdoors with the most beautiful floral aromas!


Dandy Diffuser

Mahogany + Firewood + Pine

Meet dandy, the first milk jar created and our most popular in the line up. Top notes of rich mahogany and blood orange with mid notes of golden amber. Refreshing pine and a touchy of smokey firewood is blended in to reminisce the great outdoors.


Lemonade Diffuser

Coconut + Lime + Verbena + Pine

Lemonade is a bright blend of lemon and lime citrus on a heart of creamy coconut and fresh floral aroma. Green and vanilla notes round out the scent.


Bohemia Diffuser

Lemongrass + Lavender + Sage

Bohemia embodies earthy, citrus top notes of lemongrass, enhanced by a bouquet of lavender & clary sage. Let Bohemia bring a grounding energy to your space.


French Laundry 

Spring Rain + Cotton + French Vanilla

‘French Laundry’ is a clean, refreshing blend of light fruity tones enhanced with green notes, white flowers and hints of lemon and vanilla.


  • Open bottle and inset 5 sticks. Flip sticks after one hour.

  • For a stronger aroma, flip sticks once a week or insert more sticks.

  • Replace sticks after 2 months.



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