MoonQueen Natural Perfume Jasmine

Size: 1ml


hypnotic, captivating, floral

Jasmine has been known as Queen of the Night by certain cultures for hundreds of years, and I couldn’t agree more. This incredible flower is the touchstone and source of inspiration for MoonQueen, because it is so redolent and hypnotic. Night gardens, or moon gardens were established in the Victorian-Era as a means of enjoying a beautiful, haunting garden without succumbing to the harsh rays of the Sun.

Fresh notes of Orange Blossom mingle with mesmerizing Jasmine Sambac, while touches of musk weave in and out of deep sweet heart of Cistus. As always, Sandalwood makes an entrance in this perfume right at the finish.

MoonQueen is a perfume for those who spend both their waking life and dreams lost in lush gardens amongst mysterious flowers.

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