Size: 340g Bag
Grind: Whole Bean



This is a round and comforting coffee. The type that you want to drink on a cozy morning at home, while you slowly work into your routine. The foundation of the flavours is set on caramel, with pops of sweetness coming through as red plum and caramelized walnuts. The body is mouthfilling, and this coffee could go great with a little warmed milk if you're looking for a little more sweetness.

We'd recommend this coffee as V60, French Press, Kalita or Clever.

Miguel Duenas is a township nearby Antigua, where this coffee is collected. There's over 100 small farmers that deliver their Red Bourbon and Typica cherry to be a part of the Hunapu Project. This project helps increase payment to producers as well as to ensure consistent and quality coffee to buyers like ourselves. 

This coffee works wonders as a filter coffee, a cold brew or even in an immersion dripper. I wouldn't recommend it for espresso, but that's because it has elegance and delicacy to it that espresso would overpower. On a Hario V60 you could try 18 grams in, 325 grams water and a brew time of approximately 3.5 minutes. 

Farm: Hunapu Project
Producer: Many Smalls Producers in Miguel Duenas
Country: Guatemala
Region: Antigua
Cultivar: Bourbon and Typica
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600 - 1750m
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Red Plum, Walnut
Roasted for: Filter

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