Tipping Point

Size: 340g Bag
Grind: Whole Bean



Chocolatey, nutty and smooth. This coffee sees a little more development in the roaster to minimize the acidity, hone in on the body and act like a warm hug. Currently 50% Bumbogo Washed Red Bourbon, Rwanda and 50% Santa Ana la Huerta, Washed Red Bourbon from Guatemala.

Recommended Recipe as Espresso: 
18 grams, 30-32 seconds, 40 gram extraction

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts, Smooth

Our current offering for Tipping Point is a blend of two coffees. We've profiled these two coffees separately and blended them post-roast. Our intention is to match density and bean sizing so they extract at even rates, bringing you the most flavour clear cup of coffee.

We'd recommend this coffee as a CappuccinoAeropressV60, French Press, Kalita or Clever. Super versatile coffee, works on a multitude of brewers.

The coffee from Rwanda is Bumbogo, it's a washed station in Gakenke District towards the north of the country

Sweetness is the defining factor in this offering. Right off the first sip is fresh, ripe blood orange, with a beautiful medley of berry-like tones that present when the cup begins to cool. The body is silky, coating and incredibly smooth, reminding us of a high-quality oolong tea.

Both times we've arrived at Bumbogo, we've been greeted with a traditional song and dance. It's a surreal feeling, being welcomed into this place of business in such a warm and welcoming fashion. The women who led the dance were dressed in beautiful traditional garments that ranged in colour. The majority of the workers at Bumbogo are women, and this mill, as well as the others that MTCo operates are trying to empower the female workforce in Rwanda!

Producer: Muraho Trading Co
Country: Rwanda
Build Date: January 2017
First Year Rosso Purchased: 2017
Region: Gakenke, Northern Region of Rwanda
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing Techniques Purchased: Washed
Elevation: 1650 - 2000

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