Terra Natural Perfume

Size: 1ml


Terra with Vetiver, Aged Angelica Root, Costus and Violet Leaf

earthy, dirty, musky

Have you ever dug your hands deep down into a pot of fresh soil and smelled it? Or perhaps.. you're a fan of forest walks and you find yourself in the midst of taking off shoes while on a particular path.

We all have our own methods of connecting to our home world, to the earth. Some find grounding through outdoor sports, gardening, or cycling in nature. What we can all agree on is that there is most certainly one smell that is distinctly "home" to all life on Earth; and that is DIRT.

The stuff of life, creation.

The smell of ancient Indian Vetiver Root (also known as Ruh Khus) weaves in and out of vibrant earthy Patchouli notes to create a sensual perfume teeming with depth and possibility. This essence certainly has a more "masculine" feel to it.

be warned: Terra is heavier on the skin (less is more!) and it lasts quite some time.

Terra plays wonderfully with other Evocatif Perfumes (Katherine recommends mixing Terra with MoonQueen, First Light and Terarrium), adding an extra richness to an otherwise dynamic perfume experience.

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