First Light Mimosa Perfume

Size: 1ml


FIRST LIGHT with Champagne, Tangerine and Blood Orange
bubbly, expressive, lively

Bubbles. Sparkling champagne and juicy citrus swirl and combine in this delicious perfume. Mimosas (a delicious beverage of orange juice and crisp champagne) were the inspiration for this delectable perfume.

FIRST LIGHT combines notes of sparkling white wine, luscious blood oranges and the pinkest grapefruits together, adding much-needed lightness to our lives.

This perfume is for those who are filled with joy seeing sunrises, the person in the room quickest to laugh, your bubbliest friend, those who live for the energetic radiance of the sun.

♡ Ships from Calgary, Alberta
♡ Ships in 2-4 days

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