Hemp Soap

Scent: Lemon haze


Stay Clean with Hemp. Manday Hemp Soap moisturizes the skin with Canadian-grown Hemp Seed Oil and fair-trade Shea Butter while cleansing and gently exfoliating using our innovative HempBead Technology. Using our unique blend of oils and butters, we make each soap using the traditional cold-process method and cure the bars for minimum 2 months to ensure they last long and lather strong. All soap bars are hand cut and hand stamped with the Manday logo and are available in our signature scents.

Hemp Powered Soap. We proudly use ground Hemp Fibre and Hemp Seed Oil grown in Canada to exfoliate, moisturize your skin, and keep you smelling fresh

Lemon Haze- lemon
C4- Cognac, cigars, cedarwood & coffee
The Wild- Pine, patchouli, black pepper, vanilla

♡Ships from Calgary, Alberta
♡Ships 1-3 days


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