Ground Clouds Natural Perfume

Size: 1ml


GROUND CLOUDS with Orris Root & Rain-Soaked Earth (Mitti) Attar

ethereal, delicate, humid

Imagine a walk right before it rains: the sky darkens, the air buzzes with electricity, you can feel the downpour almost before it comes. That incredibly damp, irreplaceably humid sensation on your skin is what I sought to recreate with Ground Clouds.

Ground Clouds combines the sacred essence of Mitti Attar (fresh earth from India co-distilled with Sandalwood), whispers of rain-soaked Eucalyptus leaves, and supreme earthiness of Indian Vetiver in this dynamic and otherworldly perfume.

I designed this essence for those who revel in dewy spring mornings, night walks in the woods, for those who draw shapes in the condensation on windowpanes. This perfume is for those folk who enjoy neither here nor there: who experience what it is like to be an earth-bound cloud.

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