Figuring Frames



14" x 21" printed on fine art rag paper using archival pigment-based inks
Printed in an edition of 100

Artist statement for Figuring Frames-

What is mind? Are there varying degrees, types, or amounts of it? How can we pinpoint anything that isn’t at least connected to mind, when it is mind that filters and creates those images? This work is a speculation of what mind could or couldn’t be. I believe that there are 3 categories relevant to mind. What it is, what it isn’t, and what connects what it is and what it isn’t.

With Figuring Frames V3, the viewer is presented a grid with 3 groups of markings. Each string of text / gesture beginning with “a mind as”. The intended symbolism for each cluster, is that of either a row of flames, a city from the side view, or half of a waveform. They rest, emerge, or build up from a horizontal pipe; which is depicted using an analog ASCII technique. The letters serve as brush strokes, as well as enacting as traditional text. The viewer is invited to pick parts to read randomly, read it from start to finish, or to not read anything at all and enjoy it purely as a crowd of gestural shape. In V2 (the digital essence of figuring frames), the text is easily read and justified to the centre under a portrait; forming the shape of a spine.

As a literary piece it looks at and to either side of us, experimenting with what the mind could and couldn’t be. Elements or notions that may not be real life objects or minds, are still connected to the mind in that we project them. What is our relationship to these non-things? Our life is that of subjects, objects and projection systems. Mind is not an illusion. It holds illusion. It frames figures, by partitioning things into objects. It figures frames, by imbuing character.

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