Alpine Flowering Plants Artist Print



A collection of some of Western Canada's flowering alpine plants. These plants have adapted to their high elevation environment in many ways. Growth form, dwarfing, hairs, dish shaped flowers and leaves, deep pigmentation, and nutrient storage help them thrive in the short, harsh growing season so that they are able to rapidly grow and produce once the snow melts. The alpine flowers usually peak in July. Species vary depending on snow melt, wind, sun radiation and soil quality.

Species Index : White Mountain Heather, Western Paintbrush, Tufted Saxifrage, Mountain Forget Me Not, River Beauty, White Mountain Avens, Subalpine Buttercup, Moss Campion, Woolly Pussytoe, Lance Leaved Stonecrop.

Printed on acid free archival paper. Exterior size is 12” x 16” with an interior image size of 11” x 15”.

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