Kent Incense Holder



Meet Kent. Let him hold your incense so you don’t have to. Kent is made from a rock we found while on a hike in Kananaskis. We molded the shape of the rock, and now replicate the piece using black pigmented concrete to mimic the dark color of the shale.

This item is hand poured concrete and has a very smooth, consistent, finish. Each piece is hand mixed, poured, sanded, and sealed, so there may be minor surface imperfections and color variations. All of our products are sealed to resist staining, but please keep them looking fresh and wipe off spills quickly with warm water. Please do not use any harsh cleaners on the concrete surface as it can cause the finish to wear off. All pieces in this collection are named by special people in our lives after special people in their lives. 

Dimensions100mm x 16mm x 15mm

This item is made to order. 

♡ Ships from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
♡ Ships in 3-4 weeks

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