Black Cardamom & Rose Natural Perfume

Size: 1ml


CARDAMOM & ROSE  with Tonka Bean, Cardamom, Rose Otto, White Rose, and Rose de Mai

decadent, fresh, amorous, redolent, slightly smoky

Black Cardamom is a different type of cardamom: it is smokier, a darker horse, while still spicy-fresh and invigorating. Using Black Cardamom enables us to add an unexpected and adventurous twist, but we still have two other types of true Cardamom in the perfume as well.

Aged white Rose, whispers delicately of a floral sweetness, lends notes of white blossoms dripping in the garden. All the while, the queen Rose Otto tempts us with sumptuous notes of honey, rich red blooms and passion.

This was a perfume I designed for my fellow romantics, for those who love Gulab Jamun, for sweethearts that make Lavender and Rose Milk Tea for their friends, for humans that enjoy smoky-sexy-spicy-sultry-sweet roses and cardamom.

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