Ashes & Smoke Natural Perfume

Size: 1ml


ASHES/SMOKE with Aged Vetiver, Seashell and Agarwood
incense, smoke, metamorphosis

Rich wisps of incense smoke stretch and curl upward, night closes in around a bonfire, an ancient piece of driftwood is discovered. As a perfume, Ashes & Smoke is inspired by the act of burning. This act is one of creation as much as it is an act of destruction: the release of energy that comes with fire cannot be ignored. I am a romantic and nostalgic human being, and have always cherished bringing the smell of burnt firewood home with me late at night.

Notes of rich, animalic Agarwood combine with 7 year old Sandalwood, Tobacco and Seashell to make a perfume that will resonate with you on your walk and all the way back home.

Wood and paper smoulder; incense continues its slow burn, hope and prayer are carried aloft.

Mysterious and alluring, whispering of something sacred, that is the soul of Ashes & Smoke.

ATTENTION: No animal bi-products were used in the creation of this perfume, any time "musk" is referenced it is plant-derived.

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