The Woods Natural Perfume

Size: 1ml


THE WOODS with Juniper Berry, Aged Treemoss, Spruce Needle, and Vetiver Root
moss, mushroom, fresh juniper

Have you ever tried forest bathing? The creation of this perfume was instigated by camping trips deep in the mountains, long walks by the river, and exploring the Boreal Forests of Alberta and British Columbia.

The Woods whispers the secrets of old magic; trees that have existed for hundreds of years, the wind moving through the branches of a dew-soaked pine tree. This perfume reminds us of the delicate balance that plants and animals have orchestrated for thousands of years. We can take in the rich scent of decomposition alongside the fresh scent of tree sap and the bright joy of wild flowers.

The Woods captures the dynamic essence of an old growth forest; decay and rebirth, the cycle of Life itself. If you smell carefully enough, you can almost feel The Woods calling out to you to come, and play.

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