Two Wheel Espresso

Size: 340g Bag
Grind: Whole Bean



This is our 'house' espresso. It's smooth, easy to control, sweet and balanced. It holds up to milk with ease and showcases nicely when consumed black.

Currently a 50/50 blend of a white honey Caturra + Catuai from Imperio Rojo micro-mill in Costa Rica and a washed Red Bourbon from Businde washing station in Burundi. Find out more information about both below;

Recommended Recipe as Espresso: 
18 grams, 28-32 seconds, 42 gram extraction

Tasting Notes: Smooth, Balanced, Citrus, Honey

We'd recommend this coffee as a Cappuccino or Aeropress

Imperio Rojo is a mill we've been working with for the last four years. It's owned and operated by a husband and wife combo name Jose and Annie Alvarado. They're located in a beautiful area of Costa Rica called Chirripo and have land on their farm that spans up to 2100 metres. They're growing Catuai and Caturra and that's what makes up this particular offering.

Chirripo is a relatively new player when it comes to Costa Rican coffee producing areas. With production stretching back over the past few years, we are thrilled to be offering such a fantastic coffee in such an up and coming region. The views are amazing from the 2000m hills that are covered in coffee!

Jose owns and operates his Imperio Rojo. It's here that he does all of his processing with a meticulous degree of detail. He and his wife live at the mill, in an absolutely beautiful landscape. 

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Cerro Chirripo
Producer: Jose Alvarado
Mill: Imperio Rojo
Varietal: Caturra and Catuai
Process: White Honey
Elevation: 1800-2000 metres

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