Bad Hoss Silver

We are excited to present the artist behind Bad Hoss Silver, Sarah Kaiser, as the April 2018 Debut Artist. Based in Warburg, Alberta, Sarah has taken an interesting path to becoming a silversmith and jewelry maker. She first began her career as a welder, working in the oil & gas industry. Today, her passion for metal work is now expressed through her stunningly beautiful and detailed jewelry pieces. Using sterling silver and vivid turquoise stones, Sarah strives to make pieces that will stay with you for generations. We are happy to have her at Market Collective for the first time and are excited to learn about her methods and inspirations.



What made you first realize you had a passion for silversmithing?

My passion for silversmithing stemmed from my career as a welder which began in 2012 while working in a barn of all places. Growing up, I always loved building and creating, but it wasn't until I encountered one bad hoss hell-bent on destroying his stall that I became hooked. After rebuilding numerous horse stalls and fences, I knew I wanted to work in the trades.

From the minute I put my lid down and tried my hand at welding, my love for creating with heat and metal began. I loved welding in the oil and gas industry, but there was not a lot of room for creativity in welding pressure pipe. It was actually my mother who put the idea of silversmithing in my head last summer. I was craving a creative outlet so I headed to the book store, bought some books on silversmithing, and Bad Hoss Silver began. I had no idea this evening hobby would become my biggest passion, but now I cannot imagine my life without silversmithing.



What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by the things I love the most; horses, the outdoors, and all things western. Turquoise and Silver have been pillars of western fashion for decades. I have kept the turquoise and silver, but my designs are more minimal and modern than your classic western jewelry. I think my jewelry is a lot like Alberta: modern cities mixed with our deep roots of western heritage. The inspiration for the name Bad Hoss itself stems from my favorite Charles Russell painting “A Bad Hoss” depicting a classic cowboy wrangling a bucking horse. To me, this embodies the tenacious spirit of the west and the enduring jewelry I want to create.



Why do you find yourself drawn to working with turquoise specifically?

My husband jokes that he can usually find me in my shop just gazing at my inventory of turquoise. Turquoise is such a diverse stone with its variety of shades and patterns; I am drawn to the uniqueness of each stone I come across. It fascinates me how every turquoise of mine has its own distinct look based on the additional minerals found in that location. I use natural North American turquoise in my jewelry as much of the turquoise on the market today is poor quality that has been chemically treated to enhance colour and increase hardness. With using natural turquoise, every piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.



How do you want people to view your products?

I hope people viewing my jewelry will see the passion I have for what I do. Each piece expresses my love for silversmithing, and I would not sell a piece I was not proud of. Every stone is hand-picked. Every silver feather is made from scratch. Hours are poured into the process. I want to create pieces that can be passed down for generations and can stand the test of time.



Where can people find out more about Bad Hoss Silver?

Instagram (@badhoss_silver) is where you’ll see the most current pieces I’m working on and a little behind the scenes! I’m also on Facebook and sell my jewelry on badhosssilver.etsy.comMost importantly come find out more by stopping by and saying hi at my Market Collective booth! 



 See Bad Hoss Silver at Market Collective: April 27-29, 2018!