Meagan Kali Drozdowski is the beautiful mind and talent behind DRZDWSK, a mens fashion label based in Calgary. We are happy to present DRZDWSK as our Debut Artist for December 7-9, and we are looking forward to having her stunning and well-crafted clothing line at the MC This December. Read our interview with Meagan to learn a little more about her, and be sure to visit her booth in December to say hi. 


How did you first become involved in men’s fashion?

I studied fashion design in Montreal and halfway through the first year we were presented with the option to specialize in either menswear or costume. A very good friend of mine pointed out that my own closet fit more of a menswear aesthetic so I went for it. My education in menswear was based on how something is made and the quality of the garment and that focus has remained the same for me since.


Drzdwsk 4


What are some of the fabrics that you are drawn to using for your pieces?

Natural fabrics with a good weight are number one. Fabrics made from hemp, linen, cotton, bamboo, are super important to me to use because of their strength and durability. Organic fabrics also have so much more dimension because of the natural discrepancies in thread and weave and the way those fabrics age gives it a life of their own. Not to mention, when processed sustainably, fabrics from natural fibres are much easier on the environment.

Drzdwsk 2


Why do you think that it’s important to connect with your customer, as an independent designer?

It’s important to connect with your customer because that relationship doesn’t really exist in mainstream fashion. People don’t have the opportunity to meet and speak to the person who designed and made their clothing. Sharing my process and work directly with customers is so exciting because I can provide insight, knowledge and be transparent about my work and business which totally benefits us both. It’s so important to be conscious of our buying choices and there’s no better way to educate ourselves than to go directly to the source. Another benefit of this connection is, as a customer, having the opportunity to make suggestions or requests. As a small brand I typically make pieces to order and if someone wanted a shorter hem or larger fit I’d be more than capable of doing that for them.

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Any exciting plans or new projects coming up in 2019?

Next year I’ll be popping up as many places as I can! We’ll be at Small Space Gallery in the Spring and I’ll be working on popping up in Toronto next year too. I’ll also have a new collection for 2019, more specifically working on trousers in new fabrics and styles as well as further exploring low waste production through different cutting methods and repurposing off cuts.

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Where can people find out more about DRZDWSK?

Our website,, and Instagram, @drzdwsk


Catch DRZDWSK at the MC on December 7-9. BMO Hall C.