Sole is a song dedicated to feelings of regret, appropriately recorded in the depths of winter with Calgary's Rosalind: The 2017 awardee of Market Collective's musician sponsorship program.


We love the element of music and local talent at our events. As a thank you, we held a contest for local musicians offering a chance to work with the MC production team. The band gathered within a 1890-built schoolhouse heated by a wood-burning stoves, warm bowls of chilli, and games of chess to pass time between takes. Outside, the temperature dropped to -35 degrees celsius; time seemed to stand still. The Sole sessions were produced and directed by Brendan Kane and Chad Tweten (Weclome to the West) with audio design by Ben Nixon (Mossy Rock Productions) and photography by Mike Tan (Diane and Mike). Though the schoolhouse has since been demolished, these recordings may one day remind us of winter 2017 here in Southern Alberta.