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Sana Makhdoom

We are excited to present Sana Makhdoom as our Debut Artist for May 24-26.

Her stunning artwork is a combination of culture and colour, and we are really looking forward to having her at Market Collective. 


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What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

The completion! I really enjoy the planning process but the most fun is at the end, when I wipe a painting down and am genuinely happy with it.  


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What part of the process do you find the greatest struggle with?

Liking my own work. After staring at a piece for hours I begin to grow tired and pick out its flaws. Obsessively. I’ve thrown out too many to count that probably weren’t as bad as I thought. 


IMG 0766


How does your heritage inform your creative practice, and why do you feel that it is important to draw inspiration from your roots? 

It’s important for me to paint brown-skinned people in my work - growing up I witnessed little representation in the arts of people who look like me. Although my work isn’t richly Pakistani or south Asian, I try to create ordinary women in ordinary, everyday situations. I feel that a lot of the time people hear ‘Indian’ and think Bollywood or heavily adorned women with draping veils doing something ‘exotic’. I remember growing up and friends being so surprised that we were a regular family who ate Canadian food at home and watched English speaking television. 


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Aside from painting, what are some of your other creative outlets? 

Probably like with most people, music is important to me. I’ve created some playlists that suit most moods I find myself in - sleepy, just woke up, happy, inspired, hungry, etc. 


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What type of work will you be brining to MC this May?

I’ve created some smaller sized paintings, prints, and hand painted tote bags for Market Collective this year.