Women of Inspiration: Cultural Arts Ambassador Award

Last week, MC Co-Founder Angel Guerra took home the Women of Inspiration award for Cultural Arts Ambassador. This award was dedicated to a woman who has made a significant contribution through her dedication to enriching the lives of others through visual, literary, performing arts, or broadcasting. She is an advocate for women and leads by example to make an impact in the lives of others through her work.

A huge thanks to the Women of Inspiration team, to the MC staff, and to everyone in the community who comes to Market Collective to support the creative entrepreneurs in the city. So much love. See you in December!




A note from Angel: 


I love people. A lot. This love has pushed me to connect with people, to connect people to each other, and to ultimately carve out spaces in Calgary where people can come together. About 12 years ago I began hosting house concerts in my living room. From this concept of bringing the creative world into our everyday lives and homes, my first inspirations to launch Market Collective began.


While Market Collective didn’t start in my home, it definitely left its mark. In the early days, each time a MC weekend rolled around, my house would get stripped entirely of the furniture and plants, so that our patrons would have a place to sit and plants to enjoy. During this time, our events didn’t have a proper garbage and recycling program in place, so after each event I would cart all of the waste home, and put a few bags out each week for collection, until the entire pile was gone. While we have moved far past these types of situations, this was our starting point, and it was imperfectly beautiful.


In 2008, Market Collective was hatched from a small notion that together we could ignite change and growth in our city. It didn’t come from any lofty idea that I had any of the answers. It came from the idea that everyone should be able to find a place in our creative culture, and that there needed to be spaces that allowed for a diversity of people to come together to feel accepted and welcomed. 


Calgary can be a tricky city to navigate, as the arts are still in their budding phase. However, I assure you that if you scratch the surface a bit, you will find an eclectic group of hard working individuals who would love to share their talents with you. They are creators, designers, musicians, and makers, who understand the value that comes through creativity. They colour our city and make it livable. They bring life to dark spaces, and music to weary hearts. 


So wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing — whether you’re surrounded by a house full of friends, collecting a pile of community garbage, or sitting on a creative project that you would one day like to complete — I would encourage you to pursue that little spark in you that is asking you to take a risk, to create a piece of work, or to smile at a stranger. It’s all art, and art is everything.



xo, Angel Guerra (MC Co-Founder)