MC's History


What began as a vision to promote local arts and culture in 2008 has now evolved into a platform that engages and provides positive growth to the creative community. Founded by Angela Dione and Angel Guerra, Market Collective was among the first to bring an artist market to Calgary that met the demands of growing entrepreneurs. Our first market was held in the historic Carpenter’s Union Hall in Kensington, and we have now occupied many unique spaces across the city’s landscape. 

To date, Market Collective has worked with thousands of local creatives, ensuring that these artists keep 100% of sales as a sustainable support for their practices and small businesses. The team currently consists of 12 unique individuals who work together to provide a piece of cultural identity for the city of Calgary. 

In 2022, Market Collective was lovingly transferred to Stephanie Hanna, who is committed to continuing the legacy of creating platforms for local entrepreneurs, artists and creatives in the City of Calgary while promoting local artists, culture and commerce. 

Mission + Vision


Market Collective exists to showcase the works of artists, artisans, designers, and musicians and to strengthen the community of Calgary. We strive to provide a successful platform for local creatives and to host events and initiatives that are inclusive, multi-generational, warm and engaging. 

Market Collective invites the collaboration of other organizations to further support and encourage the city within a community-building structure. We strive towards creating a space where Calgarians can support local purchasing, strengthen community ties, and be exposed to the talent and artistic drive that Calgary and our country holds.

Since the beginning we have always stayed true to our passion - Community building through the arts. 



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