Bec Kilpatrick + Andrew Pavlidis

Our first set of debut artists this Holiday Season are the adventure-seeking couple: Bec Kilpatrick and Andrew Pavlidis.


Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, Bec has travelled all around the world with a camera and sketchbook in hand. Her deeply nature-based illustrations and photographs work together as she explores the way these two mediums meet and interact. Originally from Ontario, Andrew is a travel and adventure photographer who has captured everything from clifftop views of waterfalls to starry night skies to horizon reaching deserts. He plays wonderfully with both the movement of earth’s awe-inspiring forces as well as the calm stillness of nature’s peace, sharing with us an array of emotions evoked by the wonders of the outdoors.


5 years ago, Bec and Andrew met at Waterton Lakes National Park. Andrew spent his summers working in the park while Bec was travelling on a working holiday visa and happened to get a job at the Prince of Wales where Andrew was working that summer. They both loved Alberta and the Rocky Mountains so much that they decided to stay and spend the summers here in Calgary. The other half of the year is spent in Byron Bay and together they bounce between hemispheres shooting summer weddings and travel as much as they can in between working on personal projects.


The two work together for ‘Willow and Wolf’ which combines their love of nature with their knack for capturing authentic moments. The result is powerful and sublime wedding photography.


Now, they put their talents together for Market Collective which brings their work to life with beautiful art pieces and photographs inspired by their wildest adventures. We had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit more about their work, travel, and inspirations.


"All of my work begins with wanting to explore something in greater detail." - Bec Kilpatrick


Tell us a bit about your work and process.


A: Getting outside is the biggest inspiration for my work. My love for nature and photography fuel each and push me to get out as much as possible. Through this, I try to document those brief moments where the landscape and the light work together to create something special. It is these rare moments that keep me coming back to the mountains with a camera in hand.


B: All of my work begins with wanting to explore something in greater detail. Whether that be a different landscape through photography, or the small textures of a bird's feather when I draw. Most of my work is fine pencil drawings of animals mixed with fluid strokes of watercolour, and in some, a digital element.


To see more of our work online you can check out our websites: and


What can we expect to see at Market Collective?


We both wanted to use our work and create a simple, yet affordable way to bring art into people's homes. We decided to collaborate for Market Collective and will be selling Illustrative and Photographic prints, posters, cards and calendars.




Bec, as both an illustrator and photographer, how do you find the two influence and interact with each other?


Whether I’m taking photos or drawing, both processes involve me quietly observing and trying to represent a subject in a new way for people to enjoy. While they both influence each other and demand the same patience, they do have their differences. With a photograph, you are bound by what you put in front of the frame and it is a constant challenge to create new perspectives and interesting compositions. When drawing, you are limitless. Whatever comes into your mind is possible and that freedom can be liberating or terrifying. For me, it's important to have a balance and play with the way both mediums interact with each other.


"I hope that through my photos I can show just how special these places are and instill the importance to protect them for future generations." - Andrew Pavlidis


Andrew, your love of nature deeply inspires your work. What do you hope to share with people about the places you’ve explored through your photography?


The most important thing I can give back to people through sharing my work is to encourage everyone to get outside and explore. We are so lucky to live in this part of the world with so much to do at our doorstep. No matter your age or fitness level, you can find the amazing escape that nature gives us without travelling too far from Calgary. I hope that through my photos I can show just how special these places are and instill the importance to protect them for future generations.  


"Our next adventure together is this market. It’s a way we can share what we love doing by making something for people to enjoy in their homes."


The two of you have often worked together, travelling different locations. How has working together influenced your own practice?


Before we met we were both really into photography and our separate art practices but travelling and working together really inspired us to make something amazing together. As we are both pretty quiet people, working together has allowed us to have more confidence in our work. We can bounce ideas off each other and get excited about new adventures.


Our wedding photography (“Willow and Wolf”) became a way that we could still travel, take photos and spend time with both of our family and friends while creating something meaningful to people with our cameras. This has allowed us to make a living together, doing what we love and also gives us the flexibility and time to continue our passions for making art and exploring new places.


Our next adventure together is this market. It’s a way we can share what we love doing by making something for people to enjoy in their homes. It's been amazing getting our art off the computer and into tangible forms and we would not have been able to do it without each others support.


You once lived, travelled and worked out of a mobile studio made from an old ambulance. That sounds like a crazy adventure! What are some challenges you’ve faced travelling and working all around the world?


It was crazy for sure but we loved that car! We modified the back so it had everything we needed from a fridge to a workspace that folded into our bed. We are usually living out the back of a car as it’s the only way to make this lifestyle affordable no matter what country we are in. It’s definitely not a glamorous way to travel and live but we love the freedom and adventures that come with finding a shower (usually a cold lake). As far as real challenges go, we find that it's hard to build solid relationships when we are moving so much which makes it difficult to run a business on the road. We are lucky to live in the time that we do as we can still be productive while travelling. You can get cell service at the top of most mountains which comes in handy when we are hiking and still need to get emails sent out to clients. There's no way we would be able to live the life we do without all this amazing technology at our fingertips.


To see more of our work online you can check out our websites: and


What are some places that you haven’t explored yet that you’d like to travel to?


The list is endless!  We would love to get down to the US as soon as we can as there are so many incredible national parks on the West Coast that we haven't had the chance to visit. They have such a huge diversity of landscapes within a few thousand kilometers of the border. Being able to travel down in your own car and make a road trip out of it is a huge bonus as well!


We would also love to explore more of our own backyards. There is so much we have yet to see in our own countries which is easy to pass over when planning trips abroad.


What drew you to the mountains here in Alberta, and what do you like best about Alberta?


The mountains here in Alberta have some of the best hiking we have found anywhere in the world. To have all of these beautiful landscapes so close to Calgary is amazing. There are so many inspiring areas in such a close proximity to the city which allows us to have a perfect work/play balance.




How can people contact you, and where can they see more of your work?


One of the reasons we decided to apply to Market Collective was to have the chance to meet more of Calgary's creative community so please stop by our booth and say hi!

To see more of our work online you can check out our websites: and You can also find us on Instagram: @beckil_ and @andrewpavlidis. To check out our wedding photography you can find us at:


Look for Bec Kilpatrick and Andrew Pavlidis at MC’s first holiday event of the season from November 25-27!