Concrete Cat

Otherworldly colour. Inter-dimensional patterns. Provocative forms. Concrete Cat has redefined concrete.



Founded in 2007, Concrete Cat is a band of artists, fabricants, and wizards. Pushing concrete to its absolute limit, they like to have fun, cut the edge, and create fresh and inventive designs with the non-traditional material. They take a playful, new look into everyday objects and create refined works of art, setting them apart from the mainstream minimalism of today. We are excited to have them as the Debut Artists for MC Cheer December 1-3, 2017.


How did you come up with the name "Concrete Cat"?

The Cat is our power animal; we work in concrete.


Tell us about your work, what makes your art unique among other ateliers?

Our pattern work in concrete is the best in the world. Once seen, our Oracle pattern is a tough one to forget.  



What inspired you to work with concrete?

Versatility, scalability, and a need in the market.


How has your art and aesthetic grown over the years?

We focus on innovation in process driven pattern surface design in concrete and other cast materials. Science is combined with magic to create a culture of creation. Our art and aesthetic has grown exponentially. Each new discovery becomes a stepping stone for more insights into our work.



What do you want people to know most about your practice?

Our work is sold globally while still being designed and made by hand in Canada by a team of dedicated artists.



What inspires the colours that you use?

Anime, ice cream, plants



Where can people find out more about Concrete Cat?

People can find out about us on our website, Instagram, and Twitter!

Concrete Cat will be at MC Cheer 2017 from December 1-3. Go check them out!