Locally and ethically made from wholesome ingredients, super effective, and a collection of amazingly good smells. What more could you ask for from a deodorant?


Sisters Neige and Pippa first launched Routine out into the public at Market Collective in 2012. Since then, they’ve been teaching us how to love our armpits a little bit more. Seeing a gap in the market for natural deodorants, these two ladies have gained a loyal fanbase for their passion for high-quality products and authenticity. Like us, they understand the importance of having deep connections within a community.


Today, Routine can be found in around 600 different shops around the country!



How did you first hear about Market Collective, and what pushed you to apply to sell your artisan deodorant?


We first heard of MC because it’s THE thing to know about, because it’s beyond cool and just what the creative Calgary community needed! We were initially just big fans of MC so when we decided to launch our new creation, it was a natural progression to start there.



What did you learn from those first few markets with us?


That when you speak face to face with potential customers, they become your community instead and end up spreading the word for you. If you are authentic and have something genuine and meaningful to offer, the market will open up for you.  



Routine grew very quickly into the organic empire that it is today. How did you both deal with that quick growth?


In stride. We cross bridges when we get to them and try not to stress about too many things because we (really do) believe things work out how they’re meant to in the end. We’re incredibly blessed to have each other for the big decisions and challenges (insert Chariots of Fire song here) and carry each other to the next chapter.



What are each of your backgrounds?


Neige has an arts, music, and entrepreneurial background (right brain) and Pippa has a Business and Communications background (left brain). Pippa also started her Nursing degree the week routine launched the company and managed to finish with great success!



What is it like working together as sisters?


It’s great. It’s fun.

We are quite opposite people, but luckily agree on most things regarding routine. We attribute a large part of our success to the balance our different personalities bring to the biz. We are predominantly family run, so we have to remember to talk about things other than routine when we all get together, but we have so much fun talking about it!



You are both mothers to very beautiful children. How have you been able to create a work life balance for yourselves?


We are lucky because since we only really have to answer to each other, we get to pretty much make up our own hours and work from home when the babes need us. Putting our family life first, in a way, has forced us to prioritize the work that is most important for us and to be hands on with while learning to delegate out what can be done by other talented people. We’ve always integrated our kids into the business day when we needed to and for the most part, they enjoy it and are proud of their mommas. Pippa wears her baby everywhere (biz meetings) and Neige’s daughter is the new face of routine!



What was one satisfying moment from this journey of founding and running Routine?


Ah, that’s a hard one! There’s been so many treats and surprises on our journey.

We’ve won some awards and things like that but honestly, there’s nothing like being introduced to someone, and that person says “I’m wearing your deodorant!” I love that.



How do you want Routine Cream to grow in the future?


We want it to grow in a way where we don’t compromise our values and environmental concerns, but still GROW. That’s a challenge.

We would like to introduce more innovative goods that are sustainable, unconventional, and hopefully embraced by current routiners!

We want to continue to foster people’s confidence by helping them smell amazing naturally!




Photos by Mike Tan (Diane + Mike Photography)